Who is it for?

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Since about the year 2000 there has been an acceleration of research investigating mindfulness, what it is, it’s benefits and it’s mechanisms of action (see The Science page on this website for more discussion). What has become clear, is that learning mindfulness in a formal training program may benefit a range of people. In a general sense, research has established that meditation of various forms (e.g., mantra, Benson method, yoga) can lead to greater relaxation, improved mood, and regularly facilitates less anxiety in both regular populations and people with anxiety problems. Cahn and Polich (2006) reviewed meditation research and concluded that meditation appears to affect regions in the brain that involve attention and stimulus processing speed, and this may help to reduce the effect of stress and anxiety on psychophysical functioning. In the case of mindfulness training programs, a review of more recent research (e.g., Good et al., 2015) suggests that for general adults, learning mindfulness meditation and related skills is associated with benefits in terms of: reduced stress response and negative mood; greater emotion regulation; increased focus and concentration; less automatic and more flexible responding; increased task performance and productivity; increased positive emotion, empathy, and harmonious relating.

Choosing the Right Training Program for You

It is often difficult deciding on what is the right mindfulness program to attend. At Perth Mindfulness Centre we believe it is important to choose a program suited to your needs and which you feel you can make the appropriate level of commitment required to gain benefit. The type of training we provide is briefer than some of the longer training formats, and therefore can make it easier for beginners in mindfulness to quickly get up to speed with some of the basic practices.  Our training is specifically aimed at adults who are currently well and wish to learn skills to:

  • live more in the present moment;
  • improve physical and mental relaxation;
  • reduce stress and fatigue;
  • improve general well-being and resilience to stress;
  • be less reactive to thoughts and manage obsessive over-thinking better; 
  • improve concentration and task focus;
  • increase positive emotion.

Please note, our training programs are for adults that are currently well and wishing to improve their resilience to stress. They are not designed as a therapy program or treatment intervention for psychiatric disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety) or physical illnesses. If you have concerns about your physical or mental health, then please discuss with your doctor, psychologist or counselor whether mindfulness is suited to your current needs. Moreover, feel free to contact us before deciding whether you wish to enrol in our training, especially if you are unsure whether mindfulness training is what you need now. Our training is not intended as a substitute for consultation and treatment from an appropriately qualified and registered heathcare provider or health service if you have concerns about your mental or physical health. If you are experiencing physical or mental health problems (e.g., depression, anxiety, or some other psychiatric disorder), then please consult your doctor or appropriate health care professional for immediate assistance.

Further Information

Please contact us if you have further questions about our training and whether it is suited to your needs. Also please read our FAQs and Disclaimer page.