Foundation in Mindfulness

Next course starting in March 2020. Further details to follow. 4 Wednesday Evenings, 630pm to 8pm. $250 (Concession $200), Subiaco Community Centre, 203 Bagot Road.

Mindfulness Refresher Workshop

1-Day Refresher Workshop – Opening in 2020. 9am to 430pm
Cost $250 ($200 concession / discount)

Mindfulness at Work

Tailored Mindfulness and Resiliency Seminars/Workshops
Contact us to discuss your organisations needs

Learn mindfulness to be more present, calm, and effective.

Perth Mindfulness Centre providing high quality mindfulness training courses and workshops to the general public, professionals, and private organisations in Subiaco and the Western Australia region.

Foundation in Mindfulness

4-session beginners course in Subiaco commencing on the first Wednesday evening of most months. Click here for course information.

Refresher Workshop

Mindfulness training for adults with some previous mindfulness experience wishing to refresh and enhance their practice.

Mindfulness at Work

Corporate mindfulness training programs and introductory seminars. We can tailor our programs to suit your organisations needs.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness reflects a certain way of being and a quality of awareness that is more present focused, purposeful, open, and discerning. Formal mindfulness training and ongoing practice can develop and enhance these qualities further. To learn more about mindfulness, click here.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Research suggests cultivating mindfulness on a regular basis is associated with a range of benefits, such as improved mood, greater relaxation, concentration, productivity, and resilience to stress. For more about the potential benefits of mindfulness, click here.

Our Mission

Training programs that allow people to learn how to effectively integrate mindfulness into their daily life. A core value is to provide a learning environment that is empathic, respectful, and informed by the latest science and best practice guidelines. For more about us, click here.

Perth Mindfulness Centre is a collaboration between clinical psychologists Paul Buttigieg and Dr Mark Craigie, and was set-up in association with Eric Harrison at Perth Meditation Centre. Over the last 10 years Paul and Mark have been providing continuing professional development and mindfulness training to the general public, health professionals, government agencies, and private organisations. To find out more, click here.

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